2019-11-27 19:52:00

Proclamation of the International Day of Mathematics

The 40th Session of the UNESCO General Conference has proclaimed the date of March 14th as International Day of Mathematics to hightlight the important role that Mathematical sciences play in the understanding of major societal and planetary challenges such as climate change, reversing biodiversity loss, counteracting sea level rise, and forecasting population growth worldwide and associated food needs. 

The purpose of this day is to provide an annual focus for the continuous assessment of the central role of mathematics in people's lives.


It will forge new links between researchers, citizens, senior officials, industry leaders and non-governmental organizations. It will also rise the profile of women in science, particularly in the field of Mathematics. With the help of this International Day we should focus on triggering interest among girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

This day will ensure a lasting follow-up to the achievements of World Matematical Year (2000).

Mathematical sciences are vital to addressing challenges in areas such as artificial intelligence, climate change, energy and sustainable development, and to improving the quality of life in both the developed and the developing worlds.


The applications of mathematical sciences are also vital for advances in all types of engineering and computer sciences, while responding to the growing needs of automation and providing access to information via the Internet for the wellbeing of society. 

The UNESCO acknowledges the driving role of the International Mathematical Union in the conception of an international day of mathematics, as well as in the organization and mobilization of partners around this day.