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Intersections - Video Conference

Intersections: Thinking Together on how Heritage can Serve Sustainability and Regional Development is an International exchange with experts from the "Global South" - organised by the UNESCO Chair on Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainability at the Institute of Advanced Studies, Kőszeg, Institute for Social and European Studies Foundation and the University of Pannonia. 


Video conference: 11 June 2024, 2-6 pm CET


The theme of "Intersections" recognizes that despite significant differences in resources and opportunities across various global regions—both natural and social—the challenges we face are fundamentally interconnected. These challenges manifest in diverse forms and intensities, suggesting that uniform solutions may not be universally applicable. This variability underscores the value of cross-regional dialogue and comparison, which can be extraordinarily enlightening. Such interactions not only broaden our understanding by offering new perspectives on cultural heritage management but also serve as a wellspring of creativity and innovation.

Understanding these phenomena deeply and exploring exemplary practices are crucial. However, these practices should inspire innovation rather than be directly copied. Viewing our discussions as the beginning of a continuous collaborative process, we encourage ongoing engagement among participants. This sustained interaction will foster a shared space for learning and adaptation, where experiences and insights can be regularly exchanged to enrich understanding and response strategies across regions.

Moderated by: Ivana Stepanovic, iASK


  • Ferenc Miszlivetz, Director of iASK, Jean Monet Professor and Full Professor at the University of Pannonia, holder of the UNESCO Chair for Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainability
  • Tamás Fejérdy DLA, expert in the protection of built cultural heritage, Vice-President of ICOMOS 2005-2008, Honorary Senior Lecturer at Budapest Technical University and Researcher at iASK.
  • Alfredo Conti, World Heritage expert evaluator and UNESCO expert in projects related to cultural heritage, Director of the Tourism Research Institute of the University of La Plata and Vice President of ICOMOS 2010-2017.
  • Albino Jopela, General Director of the African World Heritage Fund (AWHF), associate researcher at Kaleidoscopio (Research in Public Policy and Culture), and world heritage advisor to ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites).
  • Sarah Titchen, Expert in policy advice on Australian World, National and Commonwealth Heritage conservation, former Chief of the Policy and Statutory Implementation Unit of the World Heritage Centre at UNESCO.
  • Anna E. Zeichner, Liaison Officer ICCROM (International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property)
  • Gábor Soós, PhD, Secretary-General of Hungarian National Commission for UNESCO since 2016.
  • Laszlo Karvalics, researcher at iASK, and founding director of BME-UNESCO Information Society and Trend Research Institute.
  • Elira Luli, Lecturer and Researcher at Luarasi University in Tirana, and Research Fellow at iASK.


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6th UNESCO Most Winter School

6th UNESCO Most Winter School


A New Space Odyssey: Creating Livable Spaces for Social cohesion, Change and Adaptation in Critical Times

26th February – 1st March 2024 (Kőszeg, Hungary)

Organized by iASK in cooperation with the UNESCO Chair for Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainability, Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg (iASK) and the University of Pannonia

27th International Summer University

27th International Summer University


The event is organized by the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg (iASK), in cooperation with the Institute for Social and European Studies (ISES Foundation), the University of Pannonia, the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Heritage and Sustainability in Kőszeg under the patronage of the Hungarian National Commission for UNESCO.

Title: Game of Thrones between East and West - Understanding the New Cultural, Political and Economic Realities

Date: 27th June – 1st July 2022 (Online from Kőszeg, Hungary)

Application deadline: June 12, 2022